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Schrödinger's Smiley :):

Schrödinger’s Smiley :):
Schrödinger’s Smiley :):


It is a meme which is based on an interesting thought experiment. Thought experiment is something which the scientist imagined and discussed but never actually executed i.e. experiment is imaginary. Schrodinger’s smiley has a double smiley on it which looks happy from one side and sad from another side. Which means this smiley is happy and sad at the same time.

First of all we must know about Schrodinger. His full name was Erwin Schrodinger. He was an Austrian Quantum physicist. Who was deeply into quantum physics.

To prove how much strange quantum physics is , he created an imaginary experiment in 1935. In which a cat was sealed in a box with radioactive substance along with a small bomb. Bomb will explode with decay of radioactive substance and the cat will die.

Cat sealed in Box.
Cat dies after decay of substance

This is an imaginary experiment. Scientists who understand quantum physics believe that till an observer checks, reality remains in a superposition state. Which means every possibility exists at once but as soon as someone observes, reality chooses one of them and we see that reality.


According to his experiment Schrodinger told that till someone opens and checks box both possibilities are true. That substances has decayed and not , bomb has exploded and not, the cat is alive and not. Both the possibilities exist together inside the box. But as soon as someone opens and checks one of the becomes true. Which means the fate of the cat will be decided only when we open the box. This experiment tells about the human connection of consciousness and reality. This experiment is known as Schrodinger’s cat.

Inspired by this, someone made Schrodinger’s smiley meme. This smiley just like the cat exists in two possibilities together. This smiley is happy and sad both at the same time and which one is real can only be known by looking carefully. Just like Schrodinger’s cat to understand Schrodinger’s smiley, we need to open the box. Because all of us are trapped in a psychological box. Fighting our joys and sorrows. And we can’t open the box ourselves. Only the love of dear one can open it. We can only wait just like the cat.

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